Capacity building

Need assessment

Project management and communication training

Study tours and excursions

Exchange in science: Development of international MSc curricula, Trainings in state-of-the-art field work methodologies

Guiding of political site visits and field excursions, exchange of members of parliament and ministries

Intercultural trainings in order to prepare people from Germany for working abroad


Project planning, monitoring and evaluation

Feasibility studies

Institutional analysis, stakeholder analysis, SWOT

Implementation of ecosystem rehabilitation

Project and program planning, monitoring and evaluation

Project management and leadership trainings using acknowledged methodologies and standards


Protected area development

Scientific justifications and gap analysis

All technical aspects of design and planning

Nominations and preparation of all relevant technical documents






Research and methodology development

Ecosystem based adaptation of steppe, deserts and high mountain biomes

Ecological, botanical and ornithological surveys and studies

Pasture monitoring and sustainable management

GIS and remote sensing